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B-New, Entreprendre au Féminin in an export mood

Entreprendre au Féminin supports women owners and women who want to start a business. The organisation is involved in B-New thanks to the help of Europe and Brittany Regional council. The aim of B-New is to support business and cultural exchanges between Brittany in France and Cornwall and Hampshire in England. The project was launched by Fiona De Chavigny from la Clé Anglaise‚ initiative.

« When we heard about enterprising women, we realised that few women give an international dimension to their busines‚¬Â explains Fiona de Chavigny, the head and founder of La clé Anglaise ‚ near Quimper.

Fiona started her business in 2005 offering tailor-made English language training. She realised that the major hurdle for local companies to trade overseas is learning English, so she has created a range of tools to help her customers to get over the language barrier.

Are there some specific barriers for women ?

In 2009, and as a member of Entreprendre au Feminin Bretagne, Fiona was interested by the specific relationship between women led businesses and international trade. She wondered why women are less likely to export ? Is there a lack of technical skill or a language issue ? Are their companies adapted and ready to trade across borders ? Is the balance between work and family time an additional brake ?

A survey of women business owners by Entreprendre au Féminin

Entreprendre au Féminin has been working solely with women entrepreneurs since 2003 and recently asked their 170 members about trading internationally. 32 women entrepreneurs have responded to a first survey showing enthusiasm for such project : 22% of these women have a company which exports, 64% want to know if they can find opportunities overseas and 90% are interested in sharing good ideas of business with female entrepreneurs in both countries and 100% would like to know how women maintain a work life balance on the other side of the channel.

All response will be analyzed shortly and will be used to inform the design of new tools to support women entrepreneurs with the help of the Science park of Quimper Cornouaille. Fiona is also working on practical tools to help women to communicate. We organised some theatre sessions in English with an actress, for women to try speaking English . A simple way for Breton entrepreneurs to prepare themselves to meet business women from Cornwall and Hampshire in reality.

  • Fiona de Chavigny (EAFB), Mickaë l Quernez (CG29), Gwenn Le Doaré (EAFB) et Rachel Sellin (Technopole Quimper Cornouaille) in Cornwall on 2009

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