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Network Cornwall DPN

Network Cornwall is a membership based network for women in business providing women with a platform to interact on a regular basis to discuss work related issues for mutual benefit. It has proven to be a catalyst for business development, driving marketing and communication and helping to remove the feeling of isolation, which is a common issue in rural areas with a high percentage of very small businesses and lone business people.

Network Cornwall is managed by Digital Peninsula Network (DPN) a membership organisation, currently made up of 240, businesses within the digital sector in Cornwall.

DPN specialise in ICT and digital training, combined with different levels of business support in the form of mentoring, assisting businesses to access funding, seminars, workshops and providing networking opportunities.

Currently in the UK only 17% of IT professionals are women and only 15% of students on IT-related degrees in the UK are female.

With such statistics in mind, Digital Peninsula Network and Network Cornwall have combined strengths to provide female professionals with opportunities to boost their ICT and digital skills, providing all the support and advice they need to use digital technology to develop their businesses.

Now in its 10th year, Network Cornwall has a thriving membership of 8038 individuals from 5782 businesses, consisting of a wide variety of businesswomen working in all sectors based throughout Cornwall. Over 800 emails are sent by members to members each week, acting as a fantastic communication tool, assisting business to business activity.

Members use the network for a variety of purposes including advertising their businesses, gaining support and advice, staff recruitment and accessing funding and training opportunities. Many members report significant benefits to being members of the network.

It has really helped me get established here with my new client base in Cornwall
(Bee Hale, Bhave Hair)

All our staff hiring’s bar one, in the last six years have been through Network Cornwall
(Rebecca Jay Dodo Pad Ltd Strategic and Marketing Consultancy)

Now Network Cornwall and DPN are delighted to be part of the exciting B-New project and look forward to providing members of Network Cornwall with an opportunity to be involved in an exciting cross-border network for women entrepreneurs.

le 17 juillet 2012 par Admin EAFB